“Some of the smartest people in the industry tend to be here.” — Jim Coleman, Convergint Technologies
“The show has been very informative, very progressive in the state of the development of new technology in our segment.” — Joe Morgan, Axis Communications
“There is a lot of work being done, and a lot of ideas being shared, starting in the room with the speakers and then finishing up here in the exhibit hall.” — Mike Lavway, Aronson Security Group
“The presentations and the speakers are phenomenal.” — Paul Ahern, Cypress Integration Solutions
“It’s a nice cozy event where there are a lot of very smart people that are not only learning about where we’ve been and where we are today, but where we are going and how we are going to get there… Bringing Cloud and TechSec together I think is a natural marriage.” — Jim Henry, Securitas Electronic Security
“What we are getting out of it is really understanding how technology is really advancing and actually protecting our security environment.” — Pierre Bourgeix, ESIconvergent
“About combining TechSec Solutions and Cloud+ into a new conference: “What you are doing is you’re concentrating compelling content at your conferences into one place, which is going to make it easier for integrators and manufacturers to attend.” — Don Erickson, Security Industry Association
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